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Suzie got her sports gone very wrong
Suzie decided to do some fitness and joined a club. She improved her shape, that was true, but there was something
else. A stupid girl as she was, she fell for the hottest trainer in the club known as Joe. Good god, the guy was huge!
He was very nice to Suzie and her heart nearly jumped out when he invited her to his room for a cup of tea and stuff.
It took him one eyewink to turn into a fierce beast from the sweet lad he had been before. Suzie nearly screamed her
lungs out having to surrender to his most perverted wishes.
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Bill, the biting bastard
Bill looks dangerous as the devil himself, so a girl has to be really stupid to mess with him. This one was stupid all right,
poor slut, could not resist Bill's masculine appeal! Nothing compares to tasting sweet teen flesh, and Bill got a very
simple understanding of this. He loves to shove his thick dripping pipe down a young chick's love tunnel right after
getting a good firm bite on the girl's assets. This stupid honey had no idea she was doomed to her most painful sexual
experience ever! When her tits were all swollen and purple, Bill pulled his tool out, and that was only the beginning.
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Sheila's birthday ends up in the wrong place
It was Sheila's 19th birthday, and the party people ended up drinking in some very very remote bar. Very soon all her
guests left, and Sheila found herself enjoying the company of a large black guy who was nice to her and promised to take
the poor girl home. Not thinking much, Sheila followed him into the outskirt streets. When they stopped, the place
looked totally weird, but Sheila had no time to ask questions because the black guy grabbed her with his rocket-like
hand and told her to shut up or else.Sexy Sheila had to service his large need in most indecent ways - watch the video!

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Lisa's boyfriend released from prison
It was years that Lisa had to wait till Alex, her boyfriend, comes back from prison. She had anticipated a warm
welcome-back party, but reality turned out to be way harsher. Fear overwhelmed her as Alex stepped into their flat,
looking strong and dangerous. As he undressed, Lisa noticed he had mean-looking tattoos. Without saying anything
Alex started groping Lisa's tits, then shoved her to her back and forced the girl to open her mouth. His raging spicy need
occupied her mouth, and then he slammed into her making her lips produce half grunts, half screams.
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Ann gets her stuff fixed all right
Ann needed some stuff fixed in her apartment, so she called for the repairs guy. When he came she had her sexy
blouse on, emphasizing her soft ripe boobs. The guy looked strong and serious, and somehow Ann decided to use some
of her charms, talking about all these typical porn scenarios when a lady seduces a repairman. She should not have
said this! In a second he rushed to her, started feeling her up, his right hand coming hard against her face.
Ann's mind blurred in panic as she was turned around and nearly fucked into the wall of her own home...
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